Master classes from the rector of NUUz

In order to improve the effectiveness of reforms, improve the professional skills of teachers, organize work on the application of modern methods in the field of quality of education and upbringing, on November 18, members of the Republican working group, headed by the rector of the National University of Uzbekistan Avazjon Marakhimov, visited secondary school 27 of the Department of Public Education of the Khankinsky district. The group got acquainted with the work carried out in this school on 5 important initiatives. The school was completely renovated last year and was placed at the disposal of pupils. Currently, 690 pupils in 23 classes are studying at the school. The school is equipped with a modern computer class and multimedia equipment, a sports hall and equipment, laboratories. Professor Avazjon Marakhimov talked with pupils. He was interested in the learning process, their worldview, plans, ideas and suggestions, dreams. The Rector held a master class in computer science for pupils of 7 "B" class. He informed the pupils on the activities of the National University of Uzbekistan. Pupils received answers to their questions.

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